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Browsers are a basic utility for an internet user so they need to fix browser problems immediately. In case these problems are unattended, the user is unable to perform day-to-day task on a browser. There can be various problems attached to a browser and some of them can limit the functions of a browser. To begin with, let’s look into the ways to fix Chrome Window Size Problem-

  • Right click on the right side of the browser.
  • Choose size and the click on the browser window.
  • After you click on the browser’s window, the problem will be fixed.

There can be times when a browser may muddle the font style or size. Here is how you can fix the Chrome Font Problem.

  • Go to the Control and select the “Appearance and Personalization” option.
  • Then click on “Display”.
  • From there, choose the “Adjust ClearType Text” option.
  • Check the “Turn on ClearType” option.
  • Through this method, the font size and the appearance will be optimized.

Often a person may not be able to login to their account of the browser. This problem is often related to syncing. Here is how you can fix the Chrome Signin Problems/Login problems.

  • Click on the “Reset Sync” option and the click ok.
  • Sign-in again.
  • If the above method doesn’t work, clear the cookies and cache.

At times the browser won’t respond and freeze. The browser can in such cases also freeze system altogether. Here are solutions to the Chrome Not responding-

  • This problem can be cause by the non-clearance of cookies and cache. To clear the cache follow the instructions below.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ on Chrome.
  • Select the “Advanced” option.
  • After going to “Advanced” option, go to the ‘Privacy and Security” option.
  • From there, go to the bottom of the header and click on the “Clear history, cache, cookies” option.
  • From there select the option to clear the cache.

There can be other reasons for the unresponsiveness of your browser. Add the browser to the list of Exceptions on the “Windows Firewall”. You can do so by following the method given below

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Select the “Windows Defender Firewall” option.
  • Then click on “Allow an app or feature through Windows Farewell”.
  • Choose the browser.

These problems can be impediment for a user but there are various other technical problems that can cause trouble. These issues can often require guidance and outside support. Instead of going to a technician you can contact our Browser Support. To fix Chrome problems you can get in touch with our IT expert and find instant solutions. In cases of cases like Google Chrome not working, you may need to get to the heart of the problem and require a professional. Our professionals can help you with these issues anytime. If there is a Chrome Setting Problem/issue then you may need a thorough diagnosis. Our team is equipped with latest tools and technologies that will enable us to perform a diagnosis on the system.