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Brother has a rich reputation and is a renowned name in the world of printers. But there are times when a user can face an issue like Brother Printer Not Printing. These are the reasons why a Brother Printer can’t print-

  • Misalignment of paper: The paper can misaligned in respect to the tray at times hence hampering the printing output.
  • Stuffed material: There can be something stuffed within the printer at times resulting in no printing.
  • Moisture on the paper: A printer only accepts dry papers and even a slightly wet paper can cause problems while printing.
  • Incompatible paper: A printer uses a particular type of paper and there can be issues if one uses a paper which is not compatible with the printer.
  • Ink cartridge is empty: An empty ink cartridge means that the printer can’t carry its normal operations.
  • Outdated drivers: If there is a lack of updated drivers then also the printers can’t carry out its functions. One needs to update the drivers if such a situation occurs.
  • Fault in the machine: There can be some hardware related problem with the machine.
  • Device Not Found: The device can’t be traced by the system in such cases.
  • Problem with Roller and Toner: There can be problems with the roller and toner in the printing because of which the printer isn’t able to perform in a normal way.
  • Old machine: There can be troubles if the printer is old and its tools have become ineffective.
  • Problem with the tray: There can be issues surrounding the tray in the printer which can lead to misalignment.
  • Software Error: There can be a software error in the system hampering the printing work.
  • System connected to other printer: There can be problems if the system is connected to another printer and the printer you want to use isn’t read by the system.
  • Problem with configuration of ink: Printing operations can’t be conducted if there is an error with the way the ink cartridge is set.
  • Printer returns empty sheets: There can be instances where the printer doesn’t print on a paper and the output is an empty sheet. In such cases, there may be a problem with the ink configuration or the roller and toner.
  • Printer displays a false low-ink warning: Printing operations can’t be carried out because the printer displays a false low-ink warning despite the cartridges having ample amount of ink.

These were some of the common problems associated with a Brother Printer and why problems like Brother Printer Not Printing can arise but there can be various other technical reasons as well. These reasons can lend a user into trouble and they get caught in a pinch after troubleshoot brother printer issues. In such cases, one feels the need to visit a technician but it consumes too much time and energy. To save such troubles, you can contact our Brother Support and get immediate help. Our IT experts have dealt with all sorts of troubles that can derail the work of a printer. If you get in touch with our team, your problem will be resolved in a short period.